Sahara - Leggings

About a Print

Sahara - the world’s largest hot desert and one of the harshest environments on the planet. Many people imagine it's all sand dunes, however most of the Sahara is bare, rocky plateaus with dry valleys and salt flats.

This print is a picture by NASA taken from the space.

Fabric & Printing Method

Our printing method preserves the soft natural feel of the fabric, while producing bright and vivid colors, that will never fade after washing. 

This stretch pair is made from an easily cared for polyester fabric. Featuring a high-rise, elasticated waist and full length cut for the perfect amount of sass. Your leggings can be active wear or going out wear. It`s super comfortable !

Make a striking style statement with our leggings - tell everyone who you are in without saying a word.


92% Polyester, 8% Elastan

Care instructions

Machine wash, cold is recommended.

Our products are made in Lithuania.