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A-Silhouette Jersey Dress - GROWNUPS

Meet our friends GROWNUPS that are here to complete your outfit featuring DUE. leggings for any occasion and any season.


Features a stylized embroidery on the front (size – 5 x 5 cm), A-silhouette, slip side pockets.


95% cotton, 5% elastane.

Sizing information

Ensure you get the perfect fit - use size guide or contact us via e-mail.

Model wears size S, model's height: 171 cm / 66.93".

Care instructions

Both hand and machine wash up to 30 degrees.

Made in

GROWNUPS production is made in Lithuania, European Union.

About the brand

We are grown up. And we love it. GROWNUPS seek for quality in every step, but this does not mean that they are too serious – they do play and have fun! The idea of GROWNUPS was developing in creators minds more than a year or two. Eventually they found themselves as a clothing brand for men and women, accessories and other cosy things.

GROWNUPS designers are real artists, masters and craftsmen at the same time. All of them are full of a flight of an artist, skill of a master and accuracy of a craftsman. Clothes are made only from the highest quality materials. Some of the garments are 100 percent cotton; some of them are made using the newest high-end technologies. Yet, absolutely all of them are incredibly comfortable. They are made to live, not to show off. They are created so that you could be your true self, so that you could enjoy life to the fullest, so that you could freely move in every direction possible.

Because we are Grownups and we really love it.