We take pride in consciously reducing our eco-footprint with every step in the process.

Limited Run, Locally Made

We cut limited quantities and lower our carbon footprint by producing locally. This way our pieces are unique and waste-free. We favour ethical production to mass production because it allows us to reduce our eco-footprint and you to make a conscious choice. All of our clothes are made locally in Lithuania, which means that we can visit our factories to ensure fair labor, high quality and reduce carbon footprint.

We have pre-order feature on our website, which allows you to purchase our items before we start production. This way we know how much to make of each product so we don't over or under cut it. 

Made Beyond the Season

Our clothes are not made for only one season. Our products are designed to be worn all year round and some of the prints were created at the beginning of DUE. existance! We aim to introduce new designs to existing collections while maintaining existing products.

Friendly for you, Friendly for the Planet

Traditional dyeing of clothing requires a lot of water. We are proud to say that our clothing is dyed using digital printing method. Digital printing is more sustainable than other printing methods. It uses less water and energy, produces less waste, and has a smaller carbon footprint overall. Additionally, it ensures that bright and vivid colours will never fade away. A win-win!

  Reduce, Reuse, Re-package

Along with our waste reduction practices behind the scenes, we're passionate about bringing you sustainable styles without the packaging fuss. We're redesigning our packaging right now to incorporate more sustainable and fully recyclable materials. We have set goals to reduce the amount of the plastic we use during transportation and we are increasing our share of re-usable and recyclable packaging. We have introduced new boxes, which are manufactured here in Lithuania and can be reused or recycled.