DUE. creator's guide is here to help you present our products to your audience. Here you will find a wide selection of talking points based on our experience in developing the product and our customer reviews. Furthermore, you will also find suggested content creator do's and don'ts to help you present the product.





Introduce DUE. Briefly mention few sentence about us, after all your followers might not have heard about us yet. As an example, you could mention that we are a fashion brand that focuses on creating clothing pieces that last longer than one season. 

Discuss at least one use case. Mention why you like DUE. products and how you use them yourself. This will make your review more genuine and your followers might trust your suggestion more. 

Don't forget to mention CALL TO ACTION. Treat your followers and mention your discount code. Encourage your followers to visit our website, find their favourites pieces and try them out. You can even encourage them to share their pictures and opinions about the product with you or with us.

Make it natural. No one likes when their time is interrupted with the ad. Make it natural and integrate it naturally. Going to your yoga session? Great time to mention DUE. leggings! Like to wear them on multiple occasions? Show how you style them with multiple outfits. Of course, you know your audience the best!

Make it genuine. Share your genuine experience with our products. Your audience would love to hear why YOU wear DUE. clothing. 








When creating a post or story containing DUE. sponsored content, make sure that you included your tappable link that reads "click here" so people would be motivated to explore the store. Also, don't forget to include and mention that with your discount code your followers get an exclusive 15% off on all full price items!

It is important to include your link and discount code because not only it encourages your followers to check out the store, but it will also allow us to track the performance. 
















While we trust our creators and value their creativity, we always ask that at least first collaboration would follow these steps:

Create an idea and brief. Discuss with us your idea for the content and send us a short brief, which would showcase what you are planning to mention in your integration. It can be a brief talking points or a detailed script, it's really up to you. 

Send it to us for approval. Once you have your content ready, send it to us for approval at hello@duefashion.com. Please note, approval can take up to 2 business days. 

Add links and go live! Once approved, add all information such as link, discount code, etc., and go live. 









Multifunctional. DUE. clothing can be worn during any activity: yoga, travels, leisure time, you name it!
Art inspired and non-fading patterns. DUE. leggings, swimwear and T-shirts feature fragments of various artworks. These patterns are digitally printed, which means they won’t fade away! The print won't wash out as regularly dyed items so the print will stay vibrant even after many washes. Enjoy long-lasting pieces for more than one season.
Bring DUE. pieces wherever you go. It is easy to travel with DUE. clothing. Our pieces are lightweight, soft, breathable and quick drying, which makes them the best travel companion.
One piece for multiple looks. DUE. leggings can be styled with variety of clothing. Elevate your office look, shine bright in the party or catch eyes on the street. One piece for all occasions.

If you have any questions regarding content creation or anything else, please contact us at hello@duefashion.com