Meet Raminta

From Encounter to Friendship: Raminta's Journey with DUE.

Raminta is a person you can't help but adore from the moment you meet her. Her smile, positivity, freedom, and openness are simply enchanting, and her travels are truly inspiring. Our encounter has turned into a friendship, and she has not only become the face of our latest swimwear collection but also a DUE. ambassador. Raminta inspires us to create clothing that will become witnesses to her and your most beautiful journeys and adventures.


Seeking thrills, finding peace, and cherishing the journey

"Traveling has become an integral part of who I am. For the past five years, my heart and feet have been divided between Europe and Asia. It's a journey that brings both fatigue and exhilaration, but I'm forever drawn to it, unable to stay rooted in one place. I travel everywhere, but my soul finds solace in the embrace of nature. I adore its magnificence, the peace, and even the adrenaline-inducing thrills it sometimes offers. I am immeasurably grateful that I can now soak in the timeless beauty of the Dolomite mountains, immerse myself in the vibrant underwater universe of the Philippines, or seek solace in the embrace of Lithuania's enchanting lakes."

"I travel everywhere, but my soul finds solace in the embrace of nature."

A Future Painted with Alpine Adventures

"As I envision my future, I see myself immersed in nature, for it is there that my spirit finds its home. Often, I lose myself in vivid daydreams of a humble family inn nestled among the majestic Alps. In the summertime, I would lead our cherished guests on unforgettable hikes, while winter would see us gliding effortlessly down snow-covered slopes. It would be a haven, a sanctuary where life feels perfectly balanced." 

DUE. and Me: Where nature, adventure, and comfort converge

"My connection with DUE. blossomed from a shared love for nature, adventure, and embracing comfort without compromise. Let me be honest—their creations captivate me with their vivid hues and distinctive patterns. When I slip into their garments, not only do I experience comfort, but I also feel a sense of poetic elegance. There's a certain intimacy, a deep appreciation that comes with wearing something so meticulously crafted. So, with DUE. outfits, I can effortlessly navigate airplanes, bustling cities, serene wilderness, and all the adventures I embark on alongside my cherished companions—my husband and our beloved dog."


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