DUE. creator's guide is here to help you present our products to your audience. Here you will find a wide selection of talking points based on our experience in developing the product and our customer reviews. Furthermore, you will also find suggested content creator do's and don'ts to help you present the product.

Perfecting your content: do's and don'ts

Make it natural. No one likes when their time is interrupted with the ad. Make it natural and integrate it naturally. Going to your yoga session? Great time to mention DUE. leggings! Of course, you know your audience the best!  

Make it genuine. Share your genuine experience with our products. Your audience would love to hear why you wear DUE. clothing.












Make it relevant. Wearing our leggings for yoga sessions? Bringing them on your travels? Our swimsuit is your best companion on beach holidays? Tell your followers how you wear your DUE. clothing and why it's relevant to you and might be to them as well.

Digitally Printed = Nonfading. Our clothing are digitally printed, which means that the dyes won't wash out and the colour will stay as vibrant as it is. Also, this printing method is more sustainable than other dying methods. Isn't that great? 

Art Inspired pieces. All prints that are redesigned on our clothing are made by various artists such as painters, photographers, etc. It's art on your clothing! Express yourself with your favourite pieces.


While we trust our creators and value their creativity, we always ask that first collaboration would follow these steps: 

Create an idea and brief. Discuss with us your idea for the content and send us a short brief, which would showcase what you are planning to mention in your integration. 

Send it to us for approval. Once you have your content ready, send it to us for approval. 

Add links and go live! Once approved, add all information such as link, discount code, etc and go live.