DUE. x WILD SOULDS We collaborated with the strongest Lithuanian trail running club to release a unique leggings collection exclusively for their club.


DUE. x MASTERS OF CALM Together with Masters of Calm team, we created exclusive limited edition leggings for the festival.


DUE. x JULIA JANUS We collaborated with a multidisciplinary artist, extraordinary designer and innovator Julia Janus, and created a leggings collection that feature redesigned artworks of Julia Janus. 


DUE. x MO MUSEUM We collaborated with a modern art museum located in Vilnius and created leggings. Prints feature fragments of paintings by Lithuanian artists Andrius ZakarauskasAlgimantas Jonas Kuras and were redesigned. These pieces are exclusively available only in MO museum gift shop.


DUE. x KINO PAVASARIS Together with the Lithuanian illustrator Karolis Strautniekas we created a limited edition leggings collection for ‘Kino pavasaris’ – the leading film festival in Lithuania.


DUE. x PIXELMATOR Designing prints for our ‘abstract’ collection, we experimented with the powerful painting features of the Pixelmator app for iOS.


DUE. x ANDRIUS LABASAUSKAS Several collections include prints created exclusively for DUE. by the Lithuanian illustrator and sculptor Andrius Labasauskas.


DUE. x ARTURAS ROZKOVAS A t-shirt collection for both men and women featuring tribal motifs was designed together with the Lithuanian mixed-media artist Arturas Rozkovas.


DUE. x MIGLOKO Limited edition collection created together with Lithuanian singer and artist MIGLOKO. Unexpected self-portraits painted by her were used and redesigned to create pieces that surely have their own vivid character.


DUE. x STIMULUS We collaborated with the first workout studio in Vilnius STIMULUS and created leggings that feature visuals of seas & oceans. This theme was chosen to express the calmness brought by yoga, pilates and finding the peace with your inner self during the practices.


DUE. x COFFEE INN LAB We collaborated with one of the largest coffee shop chains in Lithuania to release a unique unisex t-shirt design.


DUE. x VYTIS JANKAUSKAS DANCE THEATER During the latest show 'Agony' artists performed in DUE. leggings. First premiere was presented at international dance festival 'New Baltic Dance 2017' in Vilnius.


DUE. x L'OCCITANE LITHUANIA We collaborated with the award-winning natural beauty products & cosmetics brand L'OCCITANE by offering special gifts to each other's customers.


DUE. x SUN365 We collaborated with one of the most successful Lithuanian start up SUN365 Juices & Smoothies.